Panda Hospital: Little Panda Doctor

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Panda doctor is a friendly game for kids. Full of panda-friendly treatment and you can upgrade the hospital. 
Be a doctor for a sick little panda, and give them medicine!
Playing and Studying at the same time with this game, so entertaining with good graphics and nice sound.

– Different panda patients
– different personalities area waiting for the doctor treatment
– Easy to play and very suitable for children
– Easily cure Panda patients
– Good equipment
– Beautifull graphics

Overcome various problems on the panda:
– Fever, give him medicine to reduce heat
– Ear infections, find and kill hidden bacteria
– Bite, give the ingredients to remove the scars
– Pieces, sewing and pair bandaid
– Pain stomach, give panda food from the pet store
– Broken bone, do the treatment and surgery on the panda
– Toothache, pandas desperately need help from doctors

Download now and enjoy this game!

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