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Lose Weight Fast – (Subliminal Messages)

If you want to lose weight fast, this is the video for you! In only 10 minutes of video and watch time, you can have the most powerful subliminal messages/affirmations help your weight loss journey.
This Lose Weight Fast video will help transform your life. Subliminal Messages are powerful life changing suggestions that can provide immediate, long lasting results towards any number of self-improvement goals. Fast weight loss is possible with the right combination of lifestyle changes, efforts, and initiatives including self-development.
This video, Weight loss fast video is packed with an hour full of subliminal messages. The messages are repeated throughout the recording. The sounds should be relaxing, meditative and soothing.
For full effect, listen 3-6 times per day for a minimum of 26 days. Depending on desired results, be consistent with development practices by watching, and listening often. Set time aside each day to invest into your personal development. If listening while asleep be sure to take a few days off from listening (the brain will use up energy to process the messages which could effect physical and mental energy levels).
You can listen to this recording while awake or asleep. Do not listen while doing something that requires your attention or concentration like driving or operating machinery.
There are a number of Subliminal video types.
-The subliminal videos titled “Subliminal Messages” means you will faintly hear or see or not hear or see any subliminal messages at a conscious level. The messages might be backwards and or forwards.
The reason there are different versions of the same video is due to people’s preference on effectiveness. Some people benefit more from the “Embedded” version, while others who are more open to suggestions benefit from the “Heard” version, and others who are more visual from the “Visual” version. To gain the full effect, some might want to try all versions and use them in combination with each other.
Subliminal recordings should not be listened to while driving, operating machinery, or doing something that requires your attention.
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Messages Embedded into the recording
I am getting weight loss results
It’s easy for me to lose weight
I have toned muscles
I lose weight quickly
My muscles are growing daily
I am in great physical shape
Healthy food energizes me
I feel great eating healthy
I am in charge of my weight loss
I love to be active
I control my life
I love to exercise
I love my weight loss
My body is more attractive every day
I am attractive
I love to run
I love to walk
I am focused on my weight loss
Weight loss is easy for me
I look amazing with less body fat
I lose body fat daily
I am disciplined to lose weight
My will power increases daily
I wake up motivated to lose weight
I feel muscular
I am thin
I control temptations to eat unhealthy foods
I am attractive
I am happy with my weight loss
I like to eat nutritious foods
I am at my ideal weight goal
I avoid junk food
I like eating energizing food
I look great
I feel great
Food gives me energy
I wake up, full of energy
I look amazing
I am amazing
My will power is strong
Dieting is fun, and healthy
Controlling my food cravings give me weight loss results
Exercise makes me feel good
Exercise lower my body fat
My body is more attractive every day
People like my weight loss
I am proud of my weight loss
I continue to lose weight daily
Losing weight, makes me attractive
My weight loss motivation increases daily
My body is my temple
My body is healthy
My body is attractive
I love being physically active and exercising
I control my weight
I watch what I eat for weight loss
Exercise will make me feel amazing
I control my food craving
*Disclaimer: Warning! Results vary. Use at your own risk. No guarantees are being made on the effects. This is not intended to treat or diagnose health and or mental illness. This is not medical advice or therapy. Use at your own discretion. Consult a licensed doctor before using. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. Do not listen while attempting to do activities that require your attention. *
Get a Smaller Waist for 5 minutes

A smaller waist is a dream of many. It makes you looks feminine, delicate and sensual. A woman with a small waist will always be attractive. It helps the rest of your bodily features to stand out, like your butt, thighs and legs. Even though your small waist line is pre determined by your genetics, there are some exercises that can help you achieve an “hourglass” figure without having to purchase expensive gym memberships.

It is true that when you control your diet, you will lose some of those fats in your belly. However, you will achieve that slim waist only if you compliment your diet with the correct kind of exercises.

These easy exercises, if repeated daily, will transform your body in as quickly as one month. Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to start to workout.